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For Those About To Rock

Title: For Those About to Rock

Character(s): Ron and Hermione

Rating: PG

Constructive Comments: I don't really care.

Work in Progress: I don't believe so.

Notes: This was done for the hp_art_xchange community as gift art for snowflakie06 . She requested a drawing of Ron and Hermione, and while I was looking through her interests I noticed that she liked the movie School of Rock. So all I did here was redraw the excerpt in OotP where Hermione kisses Ron on the cheek (sited under the cut) except in a School of Rock style, with the Flying V and all. Hope you like it!


For Those About to RockCollapse )

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Ginny #1

Character(s): Ginny
Rating: G
Would you like constructive comments? sure, that would be okay

Is this a WIP (Work In Progress)? nah

Notes: This is just another sketch of a bit of OotP, nothing really big, but I still like it, I suppose.I've never really done Ginny before.


Ginny was curled like a cat on her chair, but her eyes were open; Harry could see them reflecting in the firelight.Collapse )

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Trio #1

Character(s): Hermione, Harry, and Ron
Rating: G, baby!
Would you like constructive comments? yes, that would be helpful
Is this a WIP (Work In Progress)? perhaps...

Notes:  Well, I feel accomplished. This is my first bit of Harry Potter fanart I've done, and I was pretty proud of it until today when I looked at it and said, "Man, this is all wrong." So I really need to know what you think, seeing as I'm pretty biased. It's just the trio, wearing non-Hogwarts-robes, in my long-limbed and long-nosed quirky cartoon style. Hope you like!

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